October 18-19, 2019

Lowell, Massachusetts


Pass Pickup is available at the Donahue Family Academic Arts Center - 240 Central Street in downtown Lowell.  Passes will be available for pickup and purchase at the following times and points: 

Thursday, October 17 - 5pm to 8pm | Friday, October 18 - 4pm to 9pm | Saturday, October 19 - 4pm to 9pm

(NOTE - additional day passes may be purchased at these times as well - $65 for 2-day pass, $50 for 1-day pass) 

After 9pm on October 19 and October 20, patrons may pick up their wristbands at either Warp & Weft, Zorba Music Hall, or The Old Court while those venues’ shows are running.  However, we strongly recommend that you pick up your passes earlier at the Academic Arts Center. 

Individual show tickets may be purchased at the door at the respective venues per availability (cash only).


Cover Photo of Kingsley Flood taken by Lawrence Libby during the 2018 Festival