In order of appearance – all set times subject to change:


Christ Church United

7:30   Janaka Stucky

7:50   Scarlett Sabet

8:15   Andrea Gibson

$20 advance/$25 day of show

Zorba Music Hall

9:00   Ryan Lee Crosby

10:00 Gary Hoey

$20 advance/$25 day of show

Parker Gallery at the Whistler Museum of Art

7:30   Ali McGuirk

8:30   Caitlin Canty

$20 advance/$25 day of show

Warp & Weft

9:00   Chris Freeman (from Parsonsfield)

10:15  Will Dailey

11:30 The Party Band

$12 advance/$16 day of show

Gallery Z

8:15   Scott Pittman

9:15   Wreckless Eric

$12 advance/$16 day of show

Uncharted Gallery

8:00   Ed Balloon

9:00   oldsoul

10:00  Horse Mode

11:00  Idle Pilot

12:00 Bat House

$7 advance/$10 day of show

The Old Court

8:30 DJ Myth

9:30 EXP

10:00 Ill Supreme

10:30  D-Tension w/DJ Emoh Betta

11:00  Edo G

11:45  DJ Myth

$8 advance/$10 day of show

The Luna Theater

8:30   Dan and The Wildfire

9:30   Billy Wylder

$12 advance/$16 day of show

Coffee & Cotton

8:00   Bong Wish

9:00   Anjimile

10:00  Evan Goodrow

$7 advance/$10 day of show


Christ Church United

8:15   Damon & Naomi

9:30   Kristin Hersh

$20 advance/$25 day of show

Warp & Weft

9:30   Abbie Barrett

10:30   Kingsley Flood

$12 advance/$16 day of show

Gallery Z

7:30   Ed “Moose” Savage

8:30   Sugar Blood Jinx

9:30   Melvern Taylor

$7 advance/$10 day of show

Uncharted Gallery (Lowell Spin Presents)

7:30   PNDB

8:30  Arlen

9:30  The Natty D’s

10:30   Analog Heart

11:30   The Shirts and Shoes

$7 advance/$10 day of show

The Old Court

8:15   Phil Cambra and The Space Cadets

9:15   daisybones

10:15   Surprise Party

11:15 The Droimlins

12:15 Walter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys

$7 advance/$10 day of show

The Luna Theater

8:15   Frank Morey

9:15   Chris Trapper

$15 advance/$20 day of show

Coffee & Cotton

8:00   Jireh Calo

9:00   Luna Collective featuring Cara Campanelli

$8 advance/$12 day of show

Parker Gallery at the Whistler House Museum of Art

“The Only Truth Is Music: An Evening of Songs Inspired by Jack Kerouac”

7:00pm  Arthur Terembula with the Boston String Ensemble

8:00pm  Peter Bradley Adams

$10 advance/$15 day of show

During The Town and The City Festival you can find a plethora of great visual art all around Lowell.  We invite you to explore that vibrant aspect of the city before the music portion of our festival starts - particularly these shows and installations that are housed in official festival venues as well as one’s close by. 

UNCHARTED GALLERY - 103 Market St., Lowell, MA

Totally Normal + Stranger Than Fiction - The Artwork of M.M. Moyer 

October 2 - November 3, 2018

GALLERY Z ARTIST CO-OP - 167 Market St., Lowell, MA

To Conceive, To Decay, To Die - Artist Geoffrey Koetsch solo exhibition - A collection of paintings and sculptures.

October 11 - November 4, 2018


Creative Fusion: The Brush at the Whistler.  

The show, presented exclusively at the Whistler House Museum of Art, will run from September 26 to November 3, 2018.

Each Brush Studio artist has curated work that showcases their unique style, skill, and vision to create a cohesive yet varied exhibition, highlighting an exclusive collection of fine works of art. The show will be juried and curated by The Whistler House curatorial staff. Together, The Whistler House Museum of Art and The Brush Artists will showcase creatively distinctive works that represent the thriving artistic community of Lowell.

The Brush Studio Artists exhibiting in the show include well-known artists Penelope Cox, Jenny Day, Lolita Demers, Chrissy Theo Hungate, Debbie Janes, Paul Richardson, Ioana Singureanu, Victoria Voner, and Will Winslow. 


40 Years: Lowell National Historical Park, 1978 - 2018 

As a longtime partner, the Brush Art Gallery and Studios is proud to host “40 Years: Lowell National Historical Park 1978-2018.”  Themed sections of the exhibit include:  Before the Park, an introductory section of pre-Park objects; Making the Park, Lowell’s physical restoration; Telling the Story, education and interpretation;  Living Lowell, Lowell Folk Festival and other cultural features; and The Future Park, visitor interactives and future plans and proposals. The exhibition features historical items from the Park Museum Collection, interactive elements, and commissioned renditions of a futuristic Lowell National Historical Park.

September 22 - November 3, 2018

AYERS LOFTS GALLERY - 172 Middle St., Lowell, MA

Obtaining Silence is Like Locating Nirvana - Barbara Gagel and Charles Gallagher - Encaustic prints, collages, and sculpture inspired by the words of Jack Kerouac’s “The Dharma Bums”

Artist, Barbara Gagel, inspired by passages from Jack Kerouacʼs The Dharma Bums, has created encaustic monotype collages for this October show. Seeking a meditative technique for personal solace in a “noisy” world, she has used the simple circle, the symbol of the Zen Buddhist Enso, in a variety of repetitive ways to create images with heated wax and pigment.

Charles Gallagher will complement the exhibit with his stone rock sculptures, emphasizing the natural world and balance, giving vision to Ray Smith and Japhy Ryder’s spiritual and physical journey. 

October 5 - October 28, 2018